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WorldCast Manager is a unified network monitoring software solution, designed specifically for the broadcast, satellite and telco industries. It provides a centralized web interface (accessible from desktop and mobile devices) enabling the monitoring and management of broadcast networks of all sizes.

The centralized & unified software platform utilizes a single central database, an advanced timeseries data aggregator and a powerful monitoring engine at the core. It combines the capabilities of an enterprise level Network Monitoring System (NMS) with a scalable and redundant back-office engine that handles the monitoring of equipment across multiple sites, the user notifications, and the generation of insightful reports.

Built with simplicity in mind, the WorldCast Manager comes with a powerful network discovery feature and an auto-configuration engine enabling very fast deployments and minimizing the configuration and administration usually required from system managers.

The WorldCast Manager puts the minds of users throughout an organization at ease as it structures and simplifies the monitoring and management of all devices within any complex network topology.


  • Centralized & Unified Web Interface.
    View the status of your entire operation in one powerful display. All the modules you need are accessible within the same web-client.
  • Vendor-Agnostic Monitoring. 
    Support ANY device from ANY manufacturer, via SNMP, XML-RPC, GPIO *, Serial *(* Additional equipment required) and other protocols
  • Automated Network Scanning & Equipment Discovery. 
    Any connected equipment is identified by network scanning and automatically added to the monitoring pool
  • Dynamic Maps and Multi-level Displays. 
    Toggle between high-level geographic view and macro-level maps (floor plan, digrams or flow charts)
  • Auto-configuration Engine
    Saving the pain of the initial system setup and administration by automating the base configuration of the platform
  • Real-time Monitoring & History Tracking
    Access to real-time and historical readings and events
  • Alarm & Notification Management
    Filter and send notifications by Email, SMS, voice call. In app acknowledgement and tracking
  • Mobile Ready
    Web client natively compatible with smartphone devices and mobile browsers
  • Visual Dashboard & Analytics
    Powerful data visualizations (statistics, event timeline, etc.) with advanced filtering to enable decision-making at all levels

Administrators often use a variety of monitoring solutions for their network or for the individual components of their infrastructure. But using several different tools every time you want to create an overview costs time and energy. PRTG is an “all-in-one” solution.

PRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure using these technologies:

  • SNMP: ready to use and custom options
  • WMI and Windows Performance Counters
  • SSH: for Linux/Unix and MacOS systems
  • Flows and Packet Sniffing
  • HTTP requests
  • Any REST API returning XML or JSON
  • Ping, SQL and many more


PRTG Network Monitor includes more than 200 sensor types for all common network services, including HTTP, SMTP/POP3 (email), FTP, etc. But what is a sensor? One sensor within PRTG is one aspect that you monitor on a device. For example a specific URL, the traffic of a network connection, a port of a switch or the CPU load on a machine. Please have a look at the list of supported sensor types. Every entry in this list counts as one sensor. Normally, we are calculating with between 5 and 10 sensors per device, but of course that depends on what exactly you want to monitor.


PRTG Network Monitor runs on a Windows machine within your network, collecting various statistics from the machines, software, and devices which you designate. (It can also autodiscover them, helping you map out your network.) It also retains the data so you can see historical performance, helping you react to changes.


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